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*CHS welcomes every child, regardless of one's religious background or level of observance. CHS does not require membership or prior affiliations as a condition for enrollment. Acceptance to Hebrew School does not validate in anyway you or your child's Judaism. The process of being Bar and Bat Mitzvah through Chabad will require proof of mothers Judaism based on the guidlines of the Rabbinical court.

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As the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) I/we authorize any adult acting on behalf of the Chabad Hebrew School of Greater Gainesville & Manassas to hospitalize or secure treatment for my child. I further agree to pay for all charges for that care and/or treatment. It is understood that, if time and circumstances reasonably permit, Chabad Hebrew School will try to communicate with me prior to such treatment.

I hereby give permission for my child to participate in all school activities, join in class and school trips on and beyond school properties and allow my child to be photographed while participating in Gan Israel Hebrew School activities and that these pictures may be used for marketing purposes.


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