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Advice For Life
February 2024

The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Guidance for Leading a More Purposeful Life

The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s spiritual leadership is the force behind the modern Chabad movement.

Join this new multimedia course from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute to journey through the Rebbe’s practical wisdom on work, family, health, and well-being. Discover how the Rebbe applied Jewish values to serve as a guide for finding deeper meaning in everyday life.


Experience the Rebbe’s exceptional approach to uncovering timeless meaning in everyday questions of health, work, family, fulfillment, struggle, and inner peace.


The World of Kabbalah

Revealing How Its Mystical Secrets Relate to You

Discover the core mystical and spiritual teachings of Kabbalah and their relevance to everyday life. You’ll learn to think like a Jewish mystic and gain powerful insights to fuel deeper self-understanding and personal growth. Curious why there’s so much buzz around Kabbalah? Discover it for yourself by attending The World of Kabbalah.

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Book Smart

Course through Judaism’s Most Important Titles, and the Authors Who Inscribed Them

A panoramic overview of 3000 years of Jewish learning, this course introduces you to the works that earned us the title “The People of The Book.”

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Beyond Right

A six part course all about the values that shape Judaism’s civil code

Talmudic analysis and mind-bending logic have long been hallmarks of Jewish scholarship. But buried beneath much of the discussion and legalese are core Jewish values that fuel so much of the debate. This course examines a number of key legal issues that disclose fundamental ethical considerations that serve as the engine of Jewish civil law.


Outsmarting Antisemitism

How can we beat antisemitism with purpose, positivity, and pride?

Against the backdrop of a recent uptick in antisemitism and the increased anxiety it has brought to the Jewish community, this course sets out to beat this age-old cancer—with purpose, positivity, and pride.  Marshalling historical analysis, Talmudic sources, Jewish mysticism, and contemporary expert analysis, this course provides insight, perspective, practical direction, and personal reassurance to motivate and inspire proud, fearless Jewish life.

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Journey Of The Soul

A fresh look at life, death and the rest-in peace

Who hasn’t wondered what happens when we die? We know what happens to the body. But what happens to the soul at birth and again at death? At once practical and powerful, reflective and relatable, Journey of the Soul teaches a Jewish perspective on life that begins before birth and lasts well after a person’s passing.


Judaisms Gifts To The World

How Major Jewish Ideals Evolved Into Universal Values

Once considered preposterous, many of Judaism’s revolutionary teachings are today’s universal values that are taken for granted. The history of the gradual transition of attitudes on values is as instructive as it is fascinating. An analysis of Jewish contributions past and present allows us to define ways in which Judaism can continue serving as a beacon of light and wisdom for all humanity.


With All My Heart

The Jewish Art of Prayer and Spiritual Experience

Lose yourself and find your true self 
in a spiritual experience that is both authentic and Jewish. Explore how to make the practice of prayer more personally meaningful. Learn why we pray, how prayer works, and discover the meaning and history behind Judaism's most important prayers.


Wrestling with Faith

I want to believe but...

Where is the evidence for G-d? Is Jewish practice primitive?  Are science and religion in conflict? Wrestling with Faith tackles the “big issues”—questions we all share that secretly keep us from experiencing intimate faith with G-d.

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Signs, Spirits & Superstition in Jewish belief

As we understand the natural world better, we have only grown more fascinated by mysterious topics like the meaning of dreams; the existence of angels, demons, and extraterrestrials; and the power of the evil eye. With record interest inspiring curiosity, dread, and mockery, this course probes the Talmud, Jewish philosophy, and kabbalah to provide Jewish perspectives and guidance for those curious about these perennial questions.


My G-d

A six part course that asks piercing questions about G-d and delivers profound, insightful answers

An enlightening study into G-d’s nature, G-d’s goal for creation, human experiences of G-d, the role of religion, and the function of miracles and prayer, this course promises to satisfy your questions, including those you didn't know you had.

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Meditation from Sinai

A six part course all about mindful awareness and divine spirituality to help you think, feel, and live deeper.

Judaism places great emphasis on action. As a result, many of us are unaware of an important facet of the Jewish tradition: deeply meaningful teachings about mindful awareness and meditative practices. This course will both inspire and practically guide you so that you can reap the benefits of a more spiritual and mindful life.


Judaism's Ultimate Purpose

Are we close to achieving our goal?

What is the goal that Judaism is striving to achieve? Are we having any luck achieving the ultimate purpose? Are the prophecies from Isaiah wishful thinking or can they be playing out in our current reality? Demystifying the Jewish idea of a perfect world and discover a practical path for reaching it in our lifetime.


Secrets of the Bible

Iconic Stories, Mystical Meaning, And Their Lesson For Life

A lush garden...a snake...forbidden fruit...temptation...the sin of knowledge...shame...mortality...

What is really going on?

Revisit six seemingly absurd stories you likely remember from Hebrew school. Uncover their hidden themes and eye-opening insights into the mysteries of life.

~ What is the deeper meaning behind these stories?

~ How did they shape the Jewish worldview?

~ What wisdom do they hold for you today?

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Worrier to Warrior

Jewish Secret to Feeling Good No Matter How You Feel

We yearn to feel happy, self-assured, and enthusiastic, yet we’re consumed by feelings of doubt, regret, insecurity, and suffering. Do our delicate positive emotions have a fighting chance at being in control? This course explores negative emotions in a completely new light, offering spiritual mechanisms that allow us to remain upbeat no matter what life brings.


Crime and Consequence

Accredited for Continuing Legal Education

A father is wrongfully accused and sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and children. A reformed convict is condemned to life in prison for a crime committed in her youth. Miscarriages of justice can be infuriating, but also beg the question: What is a fair and effective approach?

Simon Wiesenthal OBM

I strongly support this Rohr JLI course, as information is our defense against the repetition of history, and keeping memory alive is our moral obligation.

Holocaust Survivor,

Nazi hunter and Writer

Paula Abdul

Dancer, Choreographer

and Television Personality


... JLI’s classes will be a source of inspiration and help make your life brighter and the world around you a more peaceful place.

Jan Feldman, PHD

Professor of Political Science
University of Vermont


...provocative...will demonstrate that reason and faith are not mutually exclusive, but are mutually supportive.

Jennifer Wiseman, PHD

...enables the seeker to embrace the achievements of modern science while seeking higher gifts of wisdom, meaning and personal relationship with G-d.

Senior Astrophysicist,

NASA Goddard Space Flight Director

Hon. Jack B. Weinstein

Senior Judge,

U.S. District Court, NY Eastern District


The issues raised go the heart of the dilemmas facing our society, and are in the minds of every judge and every thoughtful person living under the rule of law in our great democratic country.

Rabbi Laibel Wolf

Founder and Dean, Spiritgrow

Author, Practical Kabbalah


Talking to G-d, or discovering the deeper self is not taught or experienced by most Jews in a lifetime. It is therefore heroic of JLI to tackle this gap and bridge it with an excellent course that includes experiental elements like mediation. I add my encouragment for Jews at all stages of development to give themselves the opportunity to enter the gates of higher consciousness that this new JLI course provides.

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