Give your Judaism the intellection it deserves as you discuss and debate the most quizzical, controversial, and seemingly-unanswerable questions about Jewish belief and practice.



No religion is known for its rational basis and its welcoming of questions and intellectual debate quite like Judaism. As Jews we understand that curiosity is the greatest impetus for learning, and that our propensity to question is what propels us to constantly explore new ideas and discover new insights. Nowhere is this more apparent than in The Jewish Course of Why.

In preparing for this course, we asked 30,000 people for their biggest questions about Judaism. We selected the most popular among them and addressed each one with resonant insights from the greatest minds in Jewish history.

The Jewish Course of Why spans a diverse range of topics, from fun, light, and off-the-beaten-track questions, to more complex and controversial issues. Ever wondered why there are so many Jews in Hollywood? Why Jews eat gefilte fish and cholent and wish each other mazal tov and l'chaim? Why the Bible sanctions slavery and animal sacrifices? What is the cause of antisemitism? What does Judaism say about Christianity? About the role of women in Jewish life? You will also gain insight into mysterious Jewish practices, strange biblical narratives, and enigmas of Jewish identity.

Previous DIscussed Questions:

Why ask "Why"? Aren't we meant to just believe?

Why do we not experience miracles of biblical proportion today?

Why do we pray? Doesn't G-d Know what he is doing? Can we affect He's will?

Why is there so much fragmentation in Jewish Practice?

Why have Jews survived millennia while so many other civilizations have vanished?

Why don't Jews accept the Christian Messiah?

Why do we kindle yartzeit candles to commemorate the dead?

Why is the Star of David a Jewish symbol?

Upcoming Lessons:

May 4th:
Why does a mikvah "Purify?

Why do people require such "Purification"?

May 11th:
Why are there so many do's and don'ts in Judaism?

Why do so many Jews sway when they pray?

May 18th:
Why do traditional synagogues ha
ve separate seating from Men and Women?

Why is Israel important to the Jews?

May 25th:
Why does the Bible call for Animal sacrifices?

Why are there so many Jews in Hollywood?

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