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In partnership with Chabad’s in the Greater Washington area, we are proud to bring an array of acclaimed guest lectures to share their knowledge and experience with our community.

Exact dates & times will be posted closer to date, and details are subject to change.

• Online on Zoom
• Free of Charge
• Sponsorship available



Mr. Ernie Gross

Never Forget, Never Again

02.09.21 @ 7:30 pm
In April 1944, Ernie was 15 years old, the Hungarian occupiers deported him and his family to the Sevlus ghetto. Then they were deported to Auschwitz, arriving in late May of 1944.
Ernie lost 5 members of his immediate family, only two of his brothers and one sister survived.

Join us to hear Ernie’s firsthand account of his experiences and his powerful message of ‘Never Forget, Never Again’.

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March 16th

Mr. Myron Sugarman

Jews & The American Mob
The history of the Mob and the history of Jews in America are intertwined.
Meet master storyteller, Myron Sugarma and hear about his life with the mob, the shocking story of the mob’s impact on the American Nazi Party in the 1930s and the weapons supplied during Israel’s fight for independence.
It’s a story of Jewish heroism, pride, and patriotism.

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Rabbi Pickle: Shmuel Marcus

Putting You In A (Good) Pickle
Aside from the fun of making pickles, what Marcus represents is an expansion of Jewish thought through a savory medium.
There are health benefits, too, to creating sweet pickles or sour pickles, which don’t have the preservatives of deli pickles, but they’re dare I say it may be secondary to the cultural appreciation. If pickle-making is an art, then Rabbi Shmuel Marcus is a pickle Picasso.

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Mrs. Tova Mordechai

The Personal Odessey
Born Tonica Marlow, the youngest daughter of a Sephardic Jewish mother and an evangelical preaching father with his own church, Tova was raised in England without any knowledge whatsoever of her Jewish roots.
She is the author of her autobiography, “To Play With Fire”, and has written and illustrated several children’s books.
Tova Mordechai resides in Israel with her children and grandchildren.



Lieutenant Steve Riback

One Cop’s Quest For Balance And Healing
Born and raised in Southern California, he relocated to Las Vegas and attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to pursue a teaching degree. 
During his studies, Steve transitioned into law enforcement, joining the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
Steve has over 22 years on the force, serving in multiple departments & agencies. 

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Ms. Jacqueline Saper

From Miniskirt To Hijab – A Girl In Revolutinary IranBorn and raised in Iran with a Sephardi/Mizrachi Iranian father and Ashkenazi British mother. 
Saper is an expert on the Iranian revolution and its aftermath, Anti-Semitism, human rights violations towards women & religious minorities.
Hear her personal Journey through the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and its aftermath.

More Info Coming


Jewish Indiana Jones: Rabbi Avraham Stolik

The Archaeological Claim To Jerusalem

Rabbi Avraham Stolik is the founder of the Jerusalem Uncovered Institute, and director of Chabad in Downtown Coral Gables, FL.
A number of visits to the Holy Land as and an encounter with a well known archaeologist sparked his interest in archaeology. Combining his extensive knowledge of Jewish History with his new passion, he has been lecturing on the topic of biblical archeology for close to two decades, focusing mainly on Jerusalem.
Hear his archaeological refutation to those who deny the historic connection between the Jewish people and their ancient homeland.

More Info Coming
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