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Chabad Lubavitch of Greater Gainesville & Manassas, Virginia


Ask a local what comes to mind at mention of Gainesville, VA, and a Jewish community is an unlikely response. The history of Gainesville dates back to the early 18th century—serving as a changing point for stagecoach horses, and even seeing the likes of Thomas Jefferson—though it is yet to be the home of a synagogue or Jewish center.

Today Gainesville is a suburban city in Northern Virginia. The city offers a wonderful,  affordable housing and great education and recreation, attracting an influx of new home homeowners and families.

With phenomenal growth in the area, there is a clear need to create an open center for the hundreds of Jewish families living there and the multitudes arriving in the near future.

As of today there is no Jewish federation or local Jewish Center that services the area. Over the last year we have begun Jewish programming in the area and our work has been received with excitement and interest.


Rabbi Shmuly & Goldie Perlstein

Shmuly, raised in Chicago, is hardworking and creative. Goldie, a Brooklyn girl, is outgoing and dynamic. Shmuly has directed Chabad programming and given Torah Classes, and Goldie taught in preschool - elementary school and has helped in summer camps around the globe.
Nepal, Germany, Thailand, Israel, Sweden, Russia, Guatemala, United Kingdom, Nebraska and Knoxville, TN. All have been touched by Goldie and Shmuly.  Now, they are making Gainesville, VA their home.


Education: Further Jewish education and discovery for adults and kids alike.

Appreciation: Generate pride in our rich heritage & traditions; foster greater Jewish identity.

Celebration: Assist the community in celebrating the joys of Judaism.


'Ahavat Yisroal', Love for your fellow Jew and 'Ahavat HaTorah', Love of Torah, is the Cornerstone of our work.


We aim to care for every Jew, with love and respect, in an inviting & welcoming environment. We hope to share our deep love for Torah and Judaism in a way that can be enjoyed by all.


In keeping with Chabad policy, the goal is that Chabad of Greater Gainesville will be self-sustaining, with primary funding coming from and staying within the community. 

To start up this vital endeavor however, a partnership is needed with people that recognize the need to utilize the opportunities that presently exist in Gainesville and its surrounding areas. Your support will enable us to operate with efficiency as we develop and grow our community. 

Lasting Partnership!

Your one-time contribution is greatly appreciated.

Please consider Joining our Chai Club, by selecting "Monthly" on your contribution of choice.

You will have the ability to control the amount and duration at any time!

You can also send a Check to:

Chabad of Greater Gainesville

7371 Atlas Walk Way #165

Gainesville, VA 20155

The Team
Your Partnership

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Chabad Lubavitch of Greater Gainesville & Manassas

7371 Atlas Walk Way #165

Gainesville, VA 20155

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